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Call for Papers of Asian Archaeology
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?? Asian Archaeology is a peer-reviewed international journal in archaeology published annually by the?Research Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology (RCCFA), Jilin University, China, beginning in 2012.

?? Asian Archaeology is an academic English-language journal that publishes original studies based on field archaeological data as well as new theoretical and methodological analyses in the field of Chines archaeology, extending also to the archaeologic of?other parts of Asia and Oceania. The journal’s readership consists of both domestic and overseas scholars. Research on Asian archaeology not only contributes to better understanding of the history and culture of this region but also to the development of a global approach to archaeology. This last goal is represented by more and more studies of inter-regional or even continental scale and by the increased interest expressed by archaeologists working outside of Asia. Moreover, China offers an ideal context for archaeological studies of long-term processes because of its long and uninterrupted sequence of cultural development.

The journal encourages contributions in the following areas:

? 1. Field archaeological reports;

? 2. Research papers that employ field archaeological data, or that explore new theoretical or methodological dimensions in Asian archaeology;

? 3. Studies in archaeological sciences including scientific dating, zooarchaeology, paleoethnobotany, environmental archaeology, physical anthropology,? molecular archaeology, biochemical archaeology, metallographic analysis, etc.;

? 4.? Introductions to important new discoveries?and new research;

? 5.? Book reviews.

? We accept original English-language?manuscripts that?should ideally be 8,000-12,000 words in length (including references). Submission of manuscripts should be accompanied by an abstract (about 250 words), a list of five keywords, and a brief?biographical sketch of?the author(s). Field archaeological reports should not exceed 15,000 words.?Ten illustrations and three tables are acceptable for any manuscript. All contributions to the journal are subject to a strict peer-review process. Five complementary copies are offered to the author(s) for each article upon publication.

? Asian Archaeology published by the RCCFA of Jilin University aims to amend some of these problems by introducing new discoveries and researches in Chinese archaeology to the wider audience of English-reading archaeologists. It also aims to become the central international journal for publications in Chinese archaeology by overseas archaeologists. We hope, too, that the journal will provide a healthy link between Chinese archaeology and the archaeology of other parts of the Asian continent by also including in its scope reports and analyses of new archaeological discoveries in those regions.

? For further information please visit the wibesite of Asian Archaeology at


? E-mail for Submission: asianarch@jlu.edu.cn ?or


? Correspondence should be addressed to:

??Professor Teng Mingyu, Research Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology (RCCFA), Jilin University, Room 268, Kuangyaming Building, Qianwei Campus, No.2699, Qianjin Avenue, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China, P. R.

? Post code:130012

? Tel: (86) 431-85166321

? Fax: (86) 431-85166320

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